Asus WL167G Version 2

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01-05-2007 18:13:53

I am using a WL167G usb wifi dongle for an embedded linux project. Today I went looking for some additional dongles and it seems that Asus is now releasing a Version 2. Does anyone know anything about this model and if it will still use a ralink chipset that is compatible with rt2x00?




02-05-2007 09:50:41

You are right to be suspicious about a possible chipset change. At least, Asus change the version number. Have you contact them directly too?
If you get an answer, we would be happy to hear about it ).



02-05-2007 11:41:09

Asus is discontinuing the WL-167g. I do not believe the WL-169ge (Their stated replacement) uses a Ralink chip. I am getting the sense of deja vu with Linux Wireless Drivers (ie Prism)....seems as soon as some driver starts maturing to a point of usability, the manufacturers move on. I say this because the DLink DWL-G122 is end of life also.


21-06-2007 16:17:00

The subject is old, but with this name, I think it's better to add this comment.
That's what I found when I searched for informations before buying mine.

There are, at the moment three versions of ASUS WL-167G usb dongle.

ASUS WL-167G version 1 uses an rt2570 (driver rt2570)

ASUS WL-167G version 2 uses an rt2571 (driver rt73)

As an alternative both can use rt2x00 driver or drivers from Ralink.

ASUS WL-167GE uses a Broadcom chip and needs a totally different driver not available here.


16-12-2007 20:45:21

Does anyone know what the USB ids of these two versions are? Mine is 0b051706, which the latest usbids file describes as "ASUSTek Computer, Inc. WL-167G 802.11g Adapter [ralink]"