Correct version for kernel?

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12-11-2007 09:59:04

I have looked around the site and the forum, but cannot find anything obvious (probably a case of [ibp9q6e48]cannot see the wood through the trees[/ibp9q6e48]...)

How do I find the correct version driver for kernel I use?

Some time last year, I just downloaded the latest, and things seem to work OK - I hadn't bothered to read the README files and so on. Since going for a major update of the distribution I use, I need to redo the driver for the RT2500 wireless PCMCIA card. After getting the latest one, I actually read the README file.
It says it's for the 2.24... kernel, where as the distribution I use uses the 2.22...

So, is there an archive somewhere?


12-11-2007 10:34:19

Legacy drivers require either 2.6.* or 2.4.* kernels, if you still use 2.2.* kernels then you are really using antiquities and should upgrade your kernel.


12-11-2007 11:10:58

Ooops, my bad... what I meant was the driver said "2.6.24" and I'm using "2.6.22"...


12-11-2007 11:17:58

That minimal requirement is for rt2x00 only, since rt2x00 is being merged into the main kernel tree for 2.6.24 the current version is only available for 2.6.24 kernels.

The legacy drivers which can be found on our download page, are for all 2.4.* and 2.6.* kernels so if you have kernel 2.6.22 you will probably want one of the legacy drivers.