what driver should i use?

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11-12-2007 19:09:02

according lspci the chipset of the nic is RaLink RT2561/RT61

[codepi7q27mw]Network controller: RaLink RT2561/RT61 802.11g PCI

what driver should i use? RT2500? RT61? RT2X00?

what is the chipset of the card? RT2561 or RT61 ?



11-12-2007 19:12:22


what driver should i use? RT2500? RT61? RT2X00?[/quote25psojo5]
rt61, rt2x00 if you can (kernel 2.6.24 minimum).

what is the chipset of the card? RT2561 or RT61 ?[/quote25psojo5]
These are two names for the same thing.



11-12-2007 20:46:10

are you sure about the kernel version? ( i haven't see any official minimum requirement)

yeah, you right about that.
the Minimal requirements are mention in the readme file.

[code337t9cnv] 1: Minimal requirements:

1.1: kernel

- The minimal required kernel version is 2.6.24-rc1

- It is important that the installed kernel sources match
the running kernel. Unless you are crosscompiling and you
know what you are doing.

- Depending on what rt2x00 components will be built,
some kernel configuration options are mandatory.
It does however not matter if these options are compiled
into the kernel or compiled as module.

Kernel config option Required for component
# CONFIG_MAC80211 all
# CONFIG_WLAN_80211 all
# CONFIG_PCI rt2400pci, rt2500pci, rt61pci
# CONFIG_USB rt2500usb, rt73usb
# CONFIG_HOTPLUG rt61pci, rt73usb
# CONFIG_FW_LOADER rt61pci, rt73usb
# CONFIG_CRC_ITU_T rt61pci, rt73usb
# CONFIG_DEBUG_FS rt2x00 (optional, only for debug)
# CONFIG_RFKILL rt2400pci, rt2500pci, rt61pci (optional,
only for button support)
# CONFIG_EEPROM_93CX6 rt2400pci, rt2500pci, rt61pci

1.2: GCC

- For building the rt2x00 components the same gcc version is required
as was used to build your target kernel.

1.3: make

- The program 'make' needs to be installed on the system. There are no
further special requirements for this program.[/code337t9cnv]