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14-01-2008 09:03:31


I would like to know how stable the code of the legacy and new driver is?!
I know this kind of question is never liked in forums because I "should have used the search function and read the documentation" (which I have both) but I need up to date information - so please bear with me.

We would like to setup a mesh network of about 50 nodes, each equipped with 3-4 wireless usb NICs. As these nodes will be installed in remote locations error handling e.g. like removing and plugging in the sticks again will not be feasible - reloading the kernel module on every node would also be annoying.
Of course we would like to have driver based on mac80211 that supports every operation mode and is stable but as I understand that's sadly not the case at the moment.

Would anybody recommend a usb wlan NIC?