Driver for my card? Which and how?

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28-02-2008 06:54:56

Hi there. I'm totally blank.
I can't find the right driver for mt card anywhere.
Maybe can some of you help me?
I've attatched lspci and lshw -C network outputs in txt form.

Right now I'm running mandriva 2008 ONE, if this is for any help. D



28-02-2008 14:33:01

PCI ID 0781 sounds like a rt2800 card.
We don't have released any drivers for that card yet, so you must download the rt2860 driver from the Ralink support website.


20-07-2008 01:15:01

Could I also check please that the following device id is ralink, and that it should be using the rt73usb driver?

lsusb gives,
[code2scd06kl]Bus 002 Device 007: ID 07b8:b21d D-Link Corp.

Thank you.


20-07-2008 08:44:08

That is a rt73usb device