2860 support?

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25-03-2008 15:37:18

Hey all, new to the forums...

I've just upgraded my internal nic on my laptop to a ralink 2860 (mimo / n) adapter... I can use the ralink drivers off their site with the 2.6.23.x kernels (compiles ok) but the connectivity is spotty... but fast when it works! so I went with the ndiswrapper on 2.6.24.x kernel and everything works nicely except my laptop locks up every now and again when using wireless (it doesn't when i am on the wired lan) I am using the x86_64 kernel

and limited to 54Mb/s where when i used the ralink drivers I was at my full 300 (i have a n router)

so basically my question is will the beta driver for rt2x support the 2860 chip? or am i stuck to wait on a better ndiswrapper or updated driver from ralink? (

cheers and tia!



25-03-2008 15:40:39

hehe crap i just read a post 2 posts before mine, and it says no supporting the 2860... (

any plans for this in the future then?


Ok so further reading says that i should wait for the "announcement" of the drivers to be implemented ) so thats what I shall do for now.




29-04-2008 17:41:28

did you ever manage to get the rt2860 device to connect to your access point using the rt2860sta drivers at all? I got them compiled, installed, and configured, but iwconfig keeps saying they were compiled with an ancient version of wireless extension and some things may be broken... (even though my system has the latest version of wireless extensions) at that point when I try to do an "ifconfig ra0 up" it is as if the interface doesn't understand the wpa commands being sent to it and it refuses to associate with my wireless router.... I'm just curious if anybody at all has ever been able to get these drivers to work with wpa security.... have you?


30-04-2008 19:51:36

can't get them to work with the 2.6.24 kernels, stuck with ndiswrapper for the time being (
2.6.23 works fine tho, if you can roll back to that series kernel.

i have a few things i'm going to try out tonight on a new hardy heron install (ubuntu)

will check back with results ;)


01-05-2008 00:52:03

i spoke to soon, i just saw they released the 1.6.1 , i am testing now..


02-05-2008 14:17:36

yes indeed, those are the drivers I tried to use.... I also have a problem with ndiswrapper. it loads the windows drivers no problem and creates a wlan0 no problem there, even doing iwlist wlan0 scan shows my access point and its details, however when I associate the wlan0 to my router it often takes a long time before the device will actually do anything. Instead, it will show a whole bunch of dropped packets... then a few minutes later(5-10 minutes) boom I'll beable to ping and send data on wlan0.... it is very very strange, I have had the exact same thing happen with two different computers and two seperate TRENDnet TEW-623pi wireless cards with the rt2860 chipset.... I suppose it could be my Linksys SRX400 airgo agn300 chipset in the wireless router that is causing the problems(its one of those pre draft-n routers I was foolish in buying it I think), I think I will buy an Trendnet rt2860 wireless router soon to see if that makes a difference.


06-05-2008 13:57:16

it's not your router, it's the 2860's


our best bet is to wait for the beta drivers from here... ndiswrapper works for me, takes awhile sometimes, doesn't work other times (64 bit version) and locks up other times... blah...

on going battle, i'll post with any updates



26-05-2008 15:06:26

So its 2 month since this topic was started. Just wanted to ask how you progress with the driver.

Any possible release date soon?

Some days ago I saw a new driverversion on the ralink page. Maybe Ill try it out but I would preferably try yours.