Some little mistakes on pages

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05-04-2008 11:39:02

I tried to understand rt2x00 vs. legacy and found some weird informatinons that make a mess

1) On page http// ... e=Meetings we can read that legacy drivers should be provided "as-is". I understand that "as-is" means no more updates. On the other hand there is http// ... le=Roadmap page, where I can read that bugfixes for legacy drivers are accepted (and prepared?) and these drivers has still "medium priority task".

2) Again, on page http// ... le=Roadmap I can see that rt2x00 "will support rt2400, rt2500 and rt2570". Somewhere I read that rt2x00 is going to suppor _all_ chipsets. So what's going with rt61 and rt73? Aren't theses two going to be supported by rt2x00?

3) On main page there is "next-generation rt2x00 drivers (which will get included in future kernel releases)". As rt2x00 is included in 2.6.24... should that be "which is included in mainline since 2.6.24"?

4) On page http// there is link[code228lop2w][/code228lop2w]which redirects me to[code228lop2w][/code228lop2w]that doesn't exists

5) We link to mailing lists which are http// and one of theses rt2400-general is really spammed. Can something be done about this?

6) Last news contains "January 24th, Linux Kernel 2.6.24 was released. This is the first mainline kernel that includes (sadly a somewhat buggy) rt2x00 release". This doesn't make really nice opinion for driver. I guess and hope some bugs were fixed in 2.6.25 which is going to be released on days. What about posting news about progress of drivers and it's status in 2.6.25?

Ah, and what I wish to achieve by this post. I wish to see updates for mentioned changes rather than answers posted here.