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17-10-2005 01:45:56

Hi everyone.

Appears that unfortunately we will have to document some forum rules here. 99.9% of people on these forums are doing the right thing, it's always that 0.1% that forces us to write such documents.

1. Don't swear. Seriously. We understand how some people can get frusterated that the drivers just "don't work", but if you start swearing at the people trying to help you then the motiviation todo so disappears very quickly. Your thread will be closed. Do it a second time, your account will be banned.

2. Please read the sticky post at the top of each thread before posting. It includes things you should do to investigate the problem you are having yourself first. This really helps keep the support cases down and gives us development more time todo what we are good at, developing.

3. If you have trouble posting on these forums then you can contact myself. My email address and various other means of contacting me such as ICQ, Private Message, MSN are all included in my profile.

If you have any other questions please let me know.