openSUSE 11.0 32/64 bits and rt-drivers (what to do)

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24-06-2008 17:53:07

Hi all,

I have a pc Dell Pentium 4 HT (dual processor) 2.8 GHz, so called SMP-processor.
I am using SuSe 10.0 for a while with serialmonkey-drivers or suse-drivers for 2 different usb-cards
rt2500usb for a linksys card
rt73usb for a D-Link card
The cards/drivers did not work in the beginning on the SMP-processor, so I changed the default kernel (smp-kernel) to single-kernel using the default 32bits susekernel.
From then on both cards worked very good in suse 10.0 in default-kernel with defaultdrivers or serialmonkey-drivers

Now I want to upgrade to openSUSE 11.0, which I can download as 32 or 64 bit-versions.
But I still want to use the same cards, so if possible the default drivers that come with the suse-kernel.
What is the best thing to do 32 or 64 bit or am I messing up things about SMP-kernels and 32/64 bits.....and how about this on the drivers at the moment ??

I am not a kernel-geek, so please I would like default-distro-kernels