I need help with wireless hacking using Backtrack2/aircrack

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12-09-2008 00:56:24

ive got the programs and ive seen it being done by a friend an i know its possible, im just not very clued up on wot commands i use to manipulate how to collect network data, packets and use them for obtaining encryption keys.
Furthermore, ive got a laptop with a wireless activation button above my keyboard (on the top right hand side) that wont activate the wireless card when i boot up backtrack at the start and so, ath0/wifi0 doesnt appear for monitor mode. can anyone help me get my wireless to activate at least so i can then progress to working the program. (i never had this problem with my last laptop, it was an automatic wireless activation)
My current laptop is a HP Pavillion if that helps...Anyone?



12-09-2008 17:48:11

Aircrack isn't created by this project, so if you want to know how to use aircrack I suggest you go to the aircrack website and read the documentation there or ask support there.
We only provide support for the rt2x00 drivers...


15-09-2008 01:17:39

ok, no problem, i will thanx. Although, there might be some1 who is a registered person to this site (like me) who might be able to help. ya never know...lol