WPA-TKIP without wpa_supplicant

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17-11-2008 15:29:26


Are there any plans to add out of the box WPA-TKIP and/or WPA-AES support (without the use of wpa_supplicant) to the new rt2x00 driver? For instance, in the PDF file available on the RaLink website describing the features of the RT2561 it is said that this chip supports hardware WPA (both WPA and WPA2). If this was supported it would be really nice, as it would save CPU cycles (the CPU won't be doing the encryption) and memory (bye bye wpa_supplicant).


17-11-2008 16:16:01

Well if you can find another tool that can configure the WPA key, then sure you can use that to set the WPA key.
But wpa_supplicant does _not_ perform any encryption/decryption tasks, it will only send the WPA key to the kernel.

As of 2.6.27 the rt2x00 driver will perform Hardware cryptography (for rt61 and rt73), all previous versions have Software cryptography handled by mac80211.


18-11-2008 00:56:33

Thanks for clarifying. Seemingly there's no way to set a WPA key with "iwconfig" or "iwpriv". Maybe "iw" or "configfs" can do it, but the docs on the Linux Wireless website or the manual page of "iw" are not very helpful in that regard.