final cvs sources of rt2500

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09-05-2009 00:36:57

I ran cvs to update my rt2500 sources and all sources on my box got deleted because project got closed now.
The latest source which is available at http// ... _id=107832
is rt2500-1.1.0-b4
Can I get somewhere the latest cvs source or the final tarball before project was closed? Thanks


09-05-2009 09:49:12

Since you are using cvs, you can also directly use cvs to get a snapshot from a particual date.
Just see the cvs manuals.

If you wait a few days, we will also publish some cvs tarballs in our closed rt2400 project on


11-05-2009 15:38:06

Hi perfect_jane,

You can do something like the following to get the experimental, source, or tools diriectories.

First, just to minimize typing, you might put the following in your .aliases file (or equivalent)[code1k6k75ix]alias grt='cvs'[/code1k6k75ix]Then you can do this - e.g.[code1k6k75ix]grt -D2009/04/23 co -P source[/code1k6k75ix]That will get you all the legacy driver source files. If you just wanted Romain's utility[code1k6k75ix]grt -D2009/04/23 co -P source/rutilt[/code1k6k75ix]

Hope this helps,