firmware files missing on Ralink's site

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13-09-2009 01:53:05

Does anyone know what is up with the firmware and driver files listed on Ralink's site?

http// ... Linux.html

The files are no longer on the server.


13-09-2009 07:32:06

I'll contact Ralink and ask them to update the links


15-09-2009 13:52:51

You can find them on the Taiwan site for now


16-09-2009 10:42:01

Ugh, they updated their U.S. download site as well, and the file links are now of the form

http// ... VmpnPUM%3D

You can see the links here http//

This doesn't jive with OpenWrt at all, because OpenWrt seeks out the filename so it can check mirrors. I imagine other distros may break as well (and a quick check of google suggests that quite a few handy scripts to automatically install the firmware won't work anymore, either). Are these zip files mirrored anywhere I could count on? Is there a contact at Ralink that we could ask to have those links re-instated? Is that something Eddy Tsai can check on?