ralink2860sta drivers in ad-hoc mode

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01-09-2011 04:49:53

Hi guys

I am kind of new to this forum so please forgive me if I'm asking a redundant question.

I am trying to use rt2860sta linux drivers (for rt2860 cards) in ubuntu (kernel 2.6.35). I am trying to form an ad-hoc network.
So far it works fine but it gives me problem while playing with 802.11n data rates.
I set the HtMcs = 15 (using iwpriv command) and send the packets to a computer in the same ad-hoc network.
Then when I set HtMcs to a lesser value say 7 or 9 and send the packets, it still sends with 300Mbps.

I am reading and trying to understand the driver code but it will take me a while to figure things out on my own.
Can you tell me if I am doing anything wrong or is there a specific way of doing things like installation and setting the parameters.

Please help me out here.

Thanks D


03-09-2011 09:12:26

Support for non-rt2x00 drivers is not given here, you need to find support on the Ralink website.


01-02-2012 22:33:03

I used to face similar problem. The problem might be that when you change the parameters using iwpriv command, the changes do not take effect. For that what i used to do is change the parameters in RT2860STA.dat file at /etc/wireless directory and bring down the interface, unload the driver and again load the driver and bring the interface up. This makes sure that changes take effect. Or you can also try changing parameters in .dat file in source tree and recompile and install again.


13-12-2012 09:05:45

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