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12-12-2012 08:03:54


Recently i bought asus n66usb adpater ([url2930v1py]http://wikidevi.com/wiki/ASUS_USB-N66[/url2930v1py]). I plan to use it as software ap with hostapd, but after building driver module for it i found it does not implement nl80211 stuffs. I contacted asus and ralink support. Asus just say - "we dont support soft ap on linux". Ralink advise was about to use rt2x00.

As it was already in my kernel (3.6.8 ) i check the source code, but cant find any mention of 3573 chip. Anyway i try to rebuild the driver module with RT35XX USB experimental support enabled. I guess you already know the end of this - it wont work ( Then i try "dumb" thing and add my usb vendor id and device id in the list of supported identifiers in usb part of driver surrounded by RT35XX macro and rebuild module again. The result is the same - no network interface.

So here is the question - is the project still alive and if so did you plan to add support for ralink 3573 chip?

Thanks in advance.