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21-04-2006 12:27:05

Since several weeks the public CVS repository on is not being synchronised with the developers repository. This means that the public repository conains a very old snapshot of the driver.

For downloading the latest snapshpot it is recommended (even when public CVS is back up again) to download the nightly tarballs from the website.


11-05-2006 21:52:17

What's the ETA for CVS being back up and more or less current?



11-05-2006 21:57:27

Well CVS downfall this week happened during their upgrade of their hardware. They estimated that at the end of this week all hardware is upgraded which should also mean that the syncing between developers CVS and public CVS will be started again.


13-05-2006 23:54:31

Everything should be happy again now.


15-07-2006 20:44:11

Chance to move to SVN?


15-07-2006 21:03:44

well cvs has been running smoothly for 2 months now, so there is no rush on makng such a switch.
But we are considering this, but that would happen when we switch website server to the new provider.