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11-10-2007 07:03:03

Ok I know this is not official drivers and as such they do work very nicely.

I get packet loss about 3 loss after 5 successful packets sent/recieved through ping. Which in turn makes browsing slow.
I have looked around to see if I can find out why or if anyone is having simullar problems but I just ca not find anything. I might not be seeing it or just not looking correctly.

Device Ralink RT2500 802.11g cardbus/mini-PCI (rev 01)
Driver rt2500-cvs-2007092900
OS Ubuntu 7.04
Kernel 2.6.20-16-generic #2 SMP

I had simullar problem using drivers from the Ralink site on Gentoo but I was usually plugged in at home when using Gentoo. I might just be my system.

I do not want to give up on this card just yet.

I would like to know what I might be able to do to get it to the point of not so much packet loss when its about 2 feet away from the ap. Witch is a gentoo router I got some help with and setup. It is secured with a wep key, I have tried removing the encryption and it does not make a difference. I also have another laptop that does not experience that kind of packet loss, but its using madwifi and a cheap pcmcia card.

What can I do?
Also what would be a suggestion for a nice wifi card to replace this one, because I would like to go to almost complete linux on it when I am out and about and in college classes.
Except for the occational game in xp(wine and guild wars not that great yet but getting better).

know if you are confused. )


12-10-2007 07:28:59

Try to reduce tx rate to 1M to increase reliability "iwconfig ra0 rate 1M". If you can, and feel confident with compiling kernel, you can also try our new driver rt2x00, just keep in mind that it still a work in progress.



12-10-2007 23:22:22

Um why would a slower rate help? I will try to see what happens but just curious.

I think i have tried the rt2x00 but I do not think I could get it to work. I think I will try it again.


Ok i just tried reducing it to 1M and it does go through the ping faster but still like the same ratio as before.

whats the best way to remove the rt2500 module stuff before I try the rt2x00


14-10-2007 15:28:28

Just delete the "rt2500.ko" file. But that shouldn't be a problem since you'll have to compile and install a new kernel for rt2x00.