Ralink rt2500 macosx

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28-10-2007 01:17:12

Hi, I known that isn't the right place to ask, but I'm stuck with a wpa problem. I'm using a pci rt2500 card on macosx if I use it in b mode without wpa it works if I enable wpa it doens't works. If I also try from it on windows and it works also with wpa, is possible that is a driver problem ? Regards


28-10-2007 09:21:26

You should try the forum on the Ralink website.. They distribute the windows and macosx driver so it only makes sense to ask support there.


28-10-2007 09:28:39

Forum on official website ? I've already search on www.ralinktech.com but there isn't any forum! Regards


28-10-2007 09:37:23

Hmm they must have removed it then. You could in that case best request support on a macosx users forum.