Suse 10.3 install problems

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02-11-2007 09:27:25

recently upgraded from suse 10.2 to 10.3, the driver worked fine but for some reason the updater threw out the old one and i can't get it to compile under 10.3, also the rt2500 driver that ships with 10.3 doesn't work, i tried reinstalling the kernel source but had no success, here's the compile output

RNB/home/s3c/rt2500-1.1.0-b4/Module # make
make[1] Entering directory `/usr/src/linux-'
make -C ../../../linux- O=../linux- modules
CC [M] /home/s3c/rt2500-1.1.0-b4/Module/rtmp_main.o
In file included from /home/s3c/rt2500-1.1.0-b4/Module/rtmp_main.c50
/home/s3c/rt2500-1.1.0-b4/Module/rt_config.h5840 error linux/config.h No such file or directory
/home/s3c/rt2500-1.1.0-b4/Module/rtmp_main.c In function ‘RT2500_open’
/home/s3c/rt2500-1.1.0-b4/Module/rtmp_main.c343 warning ‘deprecated_irq_flag’ is deprecated (declared at /usr/src/linux-
/home/s3c/rt2500-1.1.0-b4/Module/rtmp_main.c343 warning passing argument 2 of ‘request_irq’ from incompatible pointer type
/home/s3c/rt2500-1.1.0-b4/Module/rtmp_main.c In function ‘rt2500_init_module’
/home/s3c/rt2500-1.1.0-b4/Module/rtmp_main.c1009 error implicit declaration of function ‘pci_module_init’
make[4] *** [/home/s3c/rt2500-1.1.0-b4/Module/rtmp_main.o] Error 1
make[3] *** [_module_/home/s3c/rt2500-1.1.0-b4/Module] Error 2
make[2] *** [modules] Error 2
make[1] *** [modules] Error 2
make[1] Leaving directory `/usr/src/linux-'
rt2500.ko failed to build!
make *** [module] Error 1
RNB/home/s3c/rt2500-1.1.0-b4/Module #

any ideas?


02-11-2007 11:39:18

Try with a CVS release.
To avoid conflicts, before installing and test the new driver, if the current driver shipped with 10.3 is a new rt2xx driver, don't forget to blacklist it.
If it's a old version of the legacy driver, backup it somewhere and remove it from the kernel modules tree.


06-11-2007 07:06:20

k, turns out on my system the suse10.3 update completely buggered networking, tried the hostap driver with a NL-2511CD card and that stopped working as well, redid the installation from scratch and installed the cvs, had to disable networkmanager to get it to work though. still wondering about the default driver that ships with suse since it's never worked with any of versions. thnx for the help Starcrasher