help me configure RT2500 IEEE 802.1x

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16-11-2007 02:34:58


I have a problem with wireless and linux. In my college there is a wireless network where you need username/password to access it but I'm not able to do this...
We have a Windows Guide how to configure it and it tell to
- set SSID
- Enable IEEE 802.1x authentication
- set EAP type or PEAP with no certs
- select EAP-MSCHAPV2
- put username, password to login

I have a ralink rt2500 chipset.

i used it to connect via VPN now we have no VPN, only 802.1x
how can I configure this??

thanks in advance..


16-11-2007 17:32:36

Check the README file. Look into rutilt.


17-11-2007 08:39:19

Check the README file. Look into rutilt.[/quote3sdigker]

ok. thanks. going to do that..