RT2500 on Ubuntu - Please help

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29-11-2007 17:50:06

Hey people. I installed Ubuntu 7.10 like 10 days ago and since than I m trying to configure my wireless card, it's not working...

I tried at least 20 guides, tried with ndiswrapper, RaConfig and many other but it's not working.

I tried many guides including

https//help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiD ... linkRT2500 and I couldn't finish every step.

I reinstalled ubuntu like 50 times in case I did some wrong but every time same errors.
I m not sure whats wrong ...
I m connected, I can see the signal strength but I can't open a thing.

Please but please write me some kind of tutorial, do not send me a links...
I lost 8 hours tomorrow and 6 hours today trying to configure it, not to mention past 10/15 days ...

( please help ...


29-11-2007 19:03:20

You really should provide more information, check the sticky post PLEASE READ ME BEFORE POSTING[/url2r1hrx5s] and provide all information that is requested in that topic here.


30-11-2007 14:31:53

You really should provide more information, check the sticky post PLEASE READ ME BEFORE POSTING[/url2ukznz16] and provide all information that is requested in that topic here.[/quote2ukznz16]

Hey. Since I m pretty much linux noob, I have no idea how to provide all those information, anyway I ll write as much as I can.

OS Ubuntu 7.10 (Not sure how to check Kernel version, I think it's something like 2.3 or maybe not...)
I used the newest drivers (
http//rt2x00.serialmonkey.com/rt2500-cvs-daily.tar.gz )

Since I m not sure how to provide more information, I ll try to explain...

So, first I found https//help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiD ... linkRT2500

I tried to do some of the steps

I did this

4.4.1. Get Driver and RaConfig

1. Download RT2500 Beta or RT2500 CVS (the Beta Release is considered more stable, but for packet injection mode, which tools like [WWW] Aircrack require, the CVS Version is necessary).

You can find the Rt2500 download page on [WWW] http//rt2x00.serialmonkey.com/wiki/index.php/Downloads


For downloading the Beta Release follow the "Latest BETA rt2500 driver" download link.

For downloading the CVS Release follow the "rt2500 nightly CVS tarball" download link.

2. Open a Terminal window (found under the "System Tools" group, in the "Applications" menu). Most of the work will be done through the Terminal. Now go into the directory where you downloaded the driver and type

tar -xzf <driver name>

to unpack it.

3. At the Terminal Type

sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-$(uname -r)

This will install necessary packages for the compilation, after typing your password.

Than I did

4.4.2. Installing the Driver

The first step is to compile and install the driver

1. Now type

cd ./rt2500*/Module

This will bring you into the driver folder. If you extracted it somewhere else, adjust the address accordingly.

2. Type


3. The module is now built. Before we install it, let's test it. Type

sudo insmod rt2500.ko

4. Now, you can set up your device as described in the WEP and WAP sections according to your encryption needs. After you complete your configuration, continue to finalize the installation. If the above instructions for the configuration of the driver do not work for you, continue to the next section that will install Raconfig or RutilT.

Next step is installation of RaConfig but I couldn't install it.

I did

4.4.4. Installing RaConfig

1. To install the utility, you'll need to download and install the kdebase and qt3 development packages. Type

sudo apt-get install kdebase

note that if you're using Kubuntu, you need not install this package.

Also type

sudo apt-get install qt3-dev-tools

If qt3-dev-tools fails to install, you might try libqt3-mt-dev.

2. Go here [WWW] http//rt2x00.serialmonkey.com/wiki/index.php/Downloads and download the driver package for your chipset. RaConfig is contained in these packages so even if you don't need new drivers you still need to download them. Use some program to extract the files. You may need to type this is a terminal to get root access to extract the files

gksudo file-roller

Remember where it is that you extracted the files because you will need that information later.

2. Now change to the Utilitys folder in the directory that you extracted the rt2500 drivers to. What you need to type here may be different depending on where you saved the drivers. If you extracted the driver package into your /etc directory it may look something like this

cd /etc/rt2500-1.1.0-b4/Utilitys

3. Now type

sudo qmake -o Makefile raconfig2500.pro

and next command is

4. Then type


After typing make it appears that nothing happens. Don't worry, everything is still going according to plan.

5. Activate your wireless card if you haven't already. Under System -> Administration you will find networking. Your Ralink card will be listed there. Activate it.

6. Now we need that directory where you saved the drivers. It may look like /etc/rt2500-1.1.0-b4/Utilitys/RaConfig. This may be different if you saved it somewhere else. In the Terminal, type

sudo cp <path to RaConfig2500 executable> /usr/local/bin

7. Launch RaConfig by typing in console


8. The present wireless networks will be listed. Pick the one you want to connect to, click "Add Profile." Fill in the correct details for wireless security (WPA, WEP, etc) if you need to. Save the profile, click connect. Voila! You should have RaConfig set up correctly using your connection with WPA security enabled.

and the rest didn't work for me.
When I type make it do something and it give me some errors, not sure why.

I installed RutilT but whenever I try to use some option (when I open it), it require password, I enter it and it says it's not the right one, invalid.

I tried many other things but not working ...

My wireless card is RaLink RT2500 Wireless Lan Card


30-11-2007 19:23:52

Hi hyp3R,

"uname -r" tells you the kernel version. man is your friend.

The Ralink utility - RaConfig - was deleted from the project. You can still get a version from Ralink that may, or may not, still work with the driver.

You may wish to try Rutilt. But before doing that ...

1. Do "make clean all"
2. Do "make modules_install" (as root)

If things go without error, make *sure* there are no stale copies

lsmod|grep rt

If there are

rmmod rt???
lsmod|grep rt

If that shows the module still present, reboot and check again

lsmod|grep rt

If a rt2500 module still shows, remove any ra0 aliases there are and repeat till clean. This is somewhat distribution dependent, so you're on your own here.

Then try

modprobe rt2500
ifconfig ra0
iwconfig ra0
rmmod rt2500

Report results here.


01-12-2007 21:54:40

Recompile RutilT but run the "configure.sh" script with this option this time "--launcher=external", that will solve the password problem.