no ra0..... only wlan0.....can't inject with wlan0.

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18-01-2008 18:44:53

os - kubuntu 7.10 kernel 2-6-22-14.38 (it was .37 before upgrade)
driver - rt2500-cvs-2008011810

Anyone know if kernel upgrade to 2.6.22-14.38 changed anything? A week ago I had an ra0 interface and injection worked great. I had to see what kde4 looked like and ........ after a fresh install I let adept upgrade. Then I dropped in the wmp54g and followed the instructions as before. Lost the wmaster but still it's wlan0 and not ra0. Also, after installing drivers the LED on the card won't light up no matter what state wlan0 is in.( up or down) I don't need encryption, just injection. I upgraded before putting the card in if it matters. Help, please... I know ra0 is possible because I've seen it, just not lately.


18-01-2008 21:11:25

Check and see what module is loaded. You may have rt2500pci (nextgen - defaults to wlan0, I think) instead of rt2500 (legacy, which uses ra0 by default).


20-01-2008 00:33:15

Thanks for the reply...Somethings just not right in my Kubuntu. I was able to modprobe both rt2500pci and rt2500. lsmod showed both modules loaded...Then I deleted everything rt2x00 related in /lib/src/ . Now if I modprobe rt2500pci it's not found but I still have wlan0. ifconfig ra0 up doesn't help. I guess the only solution is to compile a kernel without rt2x00 and with legacy rt2500 drivers. Any suggestions on that one?


20-01-2008 02:57:25

If I understand what you're saying right, then if you modprobe rt2500pci, then of course you'll end up with rt2500pci showing. "lsmod|egrep rt" is a little better way of doing it.

Instead of deleting part of the kernel source tree, you should be able to blacklist the rt2500pci driver if you wish. The rt2500 driver builds and install as a module; it is not part of the kernel.

Hope this helps,


22-01-2008 02:41:34

Yeah, I thought it may force the legacy driver by removing rt2x00 from the source tree. Ha-Ha, RTFM... It seems the adept has a rt2500 source now, not rt2x00. I don't think it's legacy either. It just gets better. Do you know of any Linux distro that doesn't have any wireless drivers? Tried installing backtrack2 live cd but that wasn't happening. This probably isn't the place for questions like that, but you seem like someone who might know...Know what I mean, Vern? Thanks for everything......


22-01-2008 13:22:31

What is the output of "iwconfig"? Even if the interface is called "wlan0", it may be the legacy driver. Some software, like udev, renames interfaces, so don't just look at the name.



23-01-2008 09:57:39

"iwconfig" gives me wlan0. And "rmmod rt2500" makes wlan0 disappear. "modprobe rt2500" brings it back. I think you're right. The legacy driver is installed. Rutilt doesn't see any networks in the site survey and there's an AP 3 feet away. "iwlist scanning" says no scan results. "aireplay-ng -9 wlan0" doesn't say anything about injection. "airodump-ng wlan0" does see my AP. I just can't inject without ra0. Anyone injecting packets with a Linksys WMP54G version 4?


23-01-2008 19:41:11

Hi knowname,

You sound like you're in earnest. You might try grepping through the files under /etc/modprobe.d and see if there's any aliasing going on. Another suspect may be /etc/network/iinterfaces.

Good luck,


24-01-2008 03:51:18

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Well, I'm running Debian with 2.6.18-5-486 kernel now (etch I think) and Ms. ra0 showed up using the Daily CVS and the Ubuntu/SerialMonkey wiki. Big suprise. "iwconfig" also shows sit0. Not worried about that just yet. Just wish the Debian repo weren't so outdated. Any way to link Synaptic to a Ubuntu repo? Latest LibPCAP giving me fits compiling/installing. Minor though...


25-01-2008 08:22:21

AND THE WINNER IS.......Spy84464!!!!

Turns out it was the /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules all along. It was naming the wmp54g and it also listed rt2500pci for driver. Wow, the wizard behind the curtain. Still having injection problems though. Operator error obviously. Funny but something did magically configure ra0 correctly for injection before. Anyway Airodump-ng/Kismet seem normal again. Drones are great. A million thanks for all the tips and to quote someone I can't remember on this forum "The problem isn't the drivers"....


25-01-2008 11:52:34

Big round of applause for all you guys. Started to think packet injection on wmp54g running Kubuntu was a mirage. Now here's what "aireplay-ng -9 ra0" says

052728 Trying broadcast probe requests...
052728 Injection is working!
052730 Found 1 AP

052730 Trying directed probe requests...
052730 xxxxxxxxxxxx - channel 11 - 'Monster'
052730 Ping (min/avg/max) 0.197ms/5.293ms/45.027ms Power 0.00
052730 30/30 100%


Made this last post using the WMP54G with daily CVS connected to a WRT54GS running OpenWrt Kamikaze that's getting internet from a WLI-TX4-G54HP running DD-WRT in client bridge mode. I think I like this Linux thing.....