no support for iwpriv for rt2500pci in Kernel 2.6.24

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23-03-2008 20:00:42

Hi all,

I own a WLAN card with rt2500 chip. Currently I am running a Gentoo system using kernel 2.6.23 with an emerged module. The ebuilds version is 1.1.0_pre2007071515. Everything works fine with that.
Now I compiled 2.6.24 kernel and included the rt2500pci module.
IT seems to work but I cannot configre my card using iwpriv which seems not to be supported with that version.

Is this a known problem with this version of the module?
Is there any other way to configure my card to use WPA and the lot?




23-03-2008 23:17:47

http// ... riv+rt2x00


24-03-2008 15:50:58

So the way to go now is unsing wpa_supplicant?
Well then I will try that.

Thanks for the link.