Edimax E-7108PCg - Card Not Found

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07-04-2008 22:56:51

I'm running Fedora 8, kernel and am trying to get my Edimax EW-7108PCg card to work.

Originally I found some instructions for another Edimax adaptor and compiled the rt73 driver. It didn't find the card. While I was trying to get this driver to work I installed the adaptor in a windows computer to get the hardware address. I then put this hardware address in a network script.

I find that the driver I need for this adaptor is the rt2500. I have downoaded and compiled it. However, when I run ifconfig -a it is not detected and when I boot up or use the gnome network configurator I get a message saying this it is not found.

Is my problem due to the fact that I have previously installed the rt73 driver?, or is my kernel too new?, or something else?

Thanks for any advice on what the problem might be and how to correct it.


27-04-2008 02:40:18

Hi thmort,

After compiling the driver, you need to install it by doing (as root) "make install" or "make modules_install".

To actually get the thing loaded and running, you need to do modprobe followed by either "ifconfig ra0" up or "ifup ra0".

The README file has more info. Good luck,