rt2500 on ubuntu hardy

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05-06-2008 18:16:26


I reinstalled legacy driver on my ubuntu because the kernel driver for rt2500 are slow (<1M in download);


I now have legacy driver compiled and working; i used those driver in previous ubuntu version for years with succes and fiability;

The new problems i observe are

1) ra0 interface doesn't answer to ping from other wireless interface; the ping from ra0 to other NIC works normally;

2) either with legacy driver or with kernel ones (rt2x00) the Iface stops working from time to time, creating problems to working applications;

i would like to know

A) how can i check if it is a hardware pb or a driver one? I lost a lot of time trying to fix a rt73 driver with dead hardware...
B) how can i tell the system to use in preference the wired interface, in particular if ra0 isn't working?
C) is it possible to fix the Iface working?

Thanks in advance,



08-06-2008 23:13:47

doesn't seems to be a hardware pb it works in windows;

No ideas?