RT2500 device disappears

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10-06-2008 13:54:55

Hi all.

Recently instaled Debian Etch 4 (kernel 2.6.8-6-686) onto an old laptop of mine. I then stumbled across your project whilst trying to find a suitable driver for my PCMCIA (Cardbus) wireless adapter, a "Belkin Wireless G Notebook Network Card" (Model number F5D7010, FCCid PD5LMWB800R)

I installed Debian using the tasks="kde-desktop, standard" options. No extra software has been loaded onto the machine. I built and installed your driver as oer the Debian HOWTO(skipping the ifrename section as I do not have any other network devices)

On first build the driver didn't really work. I tried connecting the device to an Ad-Hoc network using iwconfig etc. The laptop could not obtain an IP address nor communicate with any other machine on the network even though the interface was set to "UP" in ifconfig. There were excssive errors reported by ifconfig.

I recently tried to use the device again, but although the module seemed to load on insertion of the card, the card didn't appear in ifconfig. I tried purging the device and reinstalling,which had no effect.

Any ideas?