installed CVS driver on Opensuse, but no WPA authentication

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18-07-2008 17:52:29


I use Opensuse 11.

The default rt2500 driver from Opensuse has the weakness that the speed is very limited. Someone tells me to use the serialmonkeys rt2500 driver.

I downloaded the CVS version and installed it according to this manual
http// ... howto.html

The installation went without any errors. When I try to config the networkcard I wasn't able to select WPA authentication. Just WEP Open of Shared Key.

The default driver from Opensuse did let choose the WPA-PSK authentication.

Can somebody please help me fixing this?



18-07-2008 18:04:14

You can't use the tools from SuSE with the Legacy drivers, use either RUtilT or check the iwpriv_usage.txt files that came with the legacy driver code.