WPA2-AES supposed to work with rt2500-cvs-daily? (+F9 RPMs)

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10-08-2008 15:16:39


Is WPA2 - AES supposed to work with the rt2500-daily-cvs kernel module? Just want to make sure before spending the rest of my Sunday trying to make something work that might not even be possible. I got WPA-TKIP working on Fedora 9 with a Conceptronic C54Ri PCI card but WPA2-AES fails with (afaict) an authentication failure. If it is supposed to work then I'll follow up with the appropriate information as mentioned in the TESTING doc.

In case anyone is interested, I made (S)RPMs for Fedora 9 and they are temporarily available here

The SRPM builds the debug version of the kernel module, installs ifcfg-ra0 and RT2500STA.dat, sets the proper ra0 to rt2500 alias, adds the ifname=ra0 and debug=31 options and blacklists rt2500pci, rt2x00pci, rt2x00lib and ndiswrapper. If the project would like to host these (S)RPMs be my guest )



10-08-2008 15:31:52

Hi pvanveen,

Just WPA1 I'm afraid.



10-08-2008 15:46:23

Just WPA1 I'm afraid.[/quoteqohvnbdr]
Thanks for the info Vern. Time to go out and enjoy a windy but pretty sunny day.


10-08-2008 16:52:17

The rt2x00 modules you disabled do support WPA2.