Connection drops at Ubuntu

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06-10-2008 21:32:49

I have compiled the latest rt2500 module from CVS (tagged 2008093011) at Ubuntu Hardy with last kernel update 2.6.24-19generic.

The module is correctly installed (I actually need to link from the default DEPMOD installation at and it is able to connect to the AP using WAP.

The connection, however, cannot sustain itself and it drops constantly, either varying its strength or its rate.

I have another laptop by my side indicating, however, that a quality of signal at about 50% and 54M connection is obtained at that location, which for me is indicative of some module issue with rt2500.

Has anyone been facing this same problem lately? Is there any known fix?



06-10-2008 23:02:49

Ralink's chipsets doe not have a great sensitivity, at least not the old one like rt2500. Of course, the legacy drivers are not perfect too.
If you get closer to the AP, do you eventually get a reliable link?



07-10-2008 19:33:43

Yes. Close to the AP the link is stable.

However, 50% of strength is too much for the RT2500 connection to be unstable, I wonder... =)


13-10-2008 18:07:30

I guess your best option now is rt2x00, I don't know how well it performs with rt2500 at the moment, this driver is still experimental.


14-10-2008 16:53:28

I have had a shot with rt2x00 (still on Xubuntu Hardy) but with no luck. I tried the "native" rt2x00 module that comes with the distro.

The module couldn't communicate with AP using WAP/TKIP.

Is it recommended to rebuild the module?


14-10-2008 18:01:12

That could help, I don't know how old are the modules in Ubuntu, but they're definitely not the latest version. You may want to check out our git repository for the latest version, I think it's also possible to compile the latest code for older kernels, note that you will certainly need to recompile the stack too (mac80211).