rt2500 legacy old cvs src or builds?

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22-10-2008 11:05:58

i was using an old build for my rt2500 wifi pci card, and it was working fine(i thing it was 2007 06 someday), then i move from debian to new debian and forgot to backup my old src rt2500 driver, so it lost for ever.

so i was wondering if theres a backup of the oldys cvs drivers? or maybe some one have an old cvs source driver rt2500. please attach it or let me know, thks. D


22-10-2008 16:35:03

Hi softnux,

The latest CVS tarballs should work on your system and also have the latest fixes. If you want the source as of a specific date, try this (all one line)[code2y3m4xar]cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@rt2400.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/rt2400 co -D "2008/10/19" -P source/rt2500[/code2y3m4xar]Substitute the date you want for the one in the example, of course.