kernel headers incompatibility for 2.6.28 latest.

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29-01-2009 02:29:42

Greetings rt2500 Grandmasters -

I grabbed the latest git sources for rt2x00 (non-legacy) drivers on Tuesday (1/27/09) and built and installed the latest Linux kernel/modules/headers that results from that tree. When I tried compiling the latest cvs tarball of the rt2500 driver, the compile failed. It looks like the netdevice.h header file that is included as part of a string of dependencies has changed the name of the private data area from "priv" to mt_priv, so the structure names that get used in rtmp_main.c fail to build.

I booted back to my older 2.6.27 version and it compiled fine.

I don't know how many users you have that would use the bleeding edge kernel and legacy driver combo, but I wanted to alert you to the compile issue that I found. I encountered the same compile problem for the rt61 legacy driver, but I wasn't planning on multi-posting about that...

Thank you -



29-01-2009 18:00:04

(Sigh) The Rhodes Scholars at strike again "Compatibility? Compatibility?! We don't need no stinkin' compatibility!"

I'll get to it when I upgrade my own system from 2.6.26. Don't hold your breath.


29-01-2009 19:17:00

Hi Vern -

) No worries if you don't get to it. It's not a problem for me, I just thought you'd want to know.

BTW, how's the weather in Carlsbad? My family just moved out of state from San Diego-Carmel Valley recently. We have 2 feet of snow here. shock it's quite a change.

Thanks again -



30-01-2009 18:48:17

Hi itto,

Could you post a copy of your compile errors?



30-01-2009 18:52:48

See http// for a reference patch which was applied to mac80211 to change mac80211 to the new netdevice api. Might be useful for legacy as well.


31-01-2009 16:59:13

Hi Ivo,

Thanks for the info. Like I said, don't anybody hold their breaths, ... unless one of the other developers wants to do the deed?