RT2500 future plans: SMP and PREEMPT support??

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09-02-2006 13:34:56

Hi guys,

After having some initial problems I finally succeeded in getting everything working.

Now what I find a bit odd is the fact that SMP does not work with these drivers.

Now I own a P4-HT laptop (trust me it's not as cool as it sounds). So I use SMP. When first installing the card (A sitecom WL-112) no go, lots of crap freeze ups etc etc.

I quickly recompiled a kernel without SMP and PREEMPT and it works like a charm (including WEP, WPA, dhcp).

Are there any plans to make the driver work with SMP (and PREEMPT) and if so were do I volunteer to test them.

sincerly Alan


09-02-2006 14:48:31

Please see the rt2x00 experimental drivers.


09-02-2006 15:23:43

hi there,

I tried the "normal" 2x00 drivers first, but I give it a go with the CVS version.

I'll post the results here.


09-02-2006 20:00:13

not using SMP is not that bad on a P4 single core
Hyperthreading is sometimes faster, sometimes slower.

I would just disable hyperthreading


10-02-2006 10:03:50


I would have to agree, but when compiling the added processing power is really quite handy.
That's why I use HT (plus the other added benefits connected to SMP).

Well I tried the cvs tarball and it compiled cleanly so everything seems allright.

The module cleanly inserts (no lockups) and iwconfig seems to work.

The only problem I ran into is configuring the card to actually do anything.

Now I did this all in about half an hour so its not a real attempt,
and hopefully I'll have some more time coming weekend to see if I
can get it all to work.

Plus I really need to rebuild my kernel (2.6.14) cleanly, as my current kernel is a bit bloated
with all kinds of extras (bluetooth, fglrx (ATI Radoen driver) etc etc).

btw. I upgraded my wireless-tools to version28-pre3 (I think) as it seems
that my Debian only supportes wireless extension up untill v17 (and not v19).


05-03-2006 20:44:17

well i need SMP in my kernel since i have a dual core proc so i hope you can get SMP support cause disabling it would just cripple my machine (


05-03-2006 23:07:14

And for SMP you only have the rt2x00 experimental drivers as an option.
It is not perfect, but they are getting there. ;)


06-03-2006 14:40:14

i'll have to try the cvs since the latest version locks up my sytem when loading the modules if the cvs works ill let you know.


31-10-2007 21:23:23

So the experimental drivers will work with a preemptible kernel?? I couldn't find this confirmed on the website.


03-11-2007 15:38:27

Yes, these issues should be solved. I've been using rt2500 on a SMP PREEMPT system for several months without problem.