Conceptronic C54RU freezes keyboard

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12-10-2007 22:17:25

my keyboard stops responding if I unplug usb adapter with rausb0 device up. I have to shut down my laptop pressing 4secs power button.
first I tried with a standard debian kernel image and stable driver version, then tried latest cvs version and finally recompiled my kernel shutting down SMP and PREEMP and the problem still happens
I have acpi=noirq option at grub to solve problems with the cdrom unit

here my specs
driver version rt2570-cvs-2007101008
Hardware Conceptronic C54RU
Distribution Debian 4.0
kernel compiled without SMP and PREEMPT
Acer TravelMate 521TE

I attach my /var/log/debug since boot to crash and my kernel config

Greetings from Hackelarre - Gernika )


20-10-2007 19:02:48

Confirmed here for ASUS WL-167g, and duplicate of thread http// ... dbf7e93d66 and https// and http// ... php?t=1045
Quote from last one
[quote3pw70kys]We are aware of the USB issues with this driver - especially when trying to rmmod and it's affect on other USB devices.

Your best bet is to BETA test rt2x00 for us as thats where the focus currently is.[/quote3pw70kys]
I guess I'm going to try that one too. Since it needs 2.6.22, I have another reason to quickly upgrade to Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon )


21-10-2007 09:26:32

Requirements have increased, rt2x00 CVS is not currently usable on any released kernel. You have to download one from the wireless-dev git. The good new is that rt2x00 has been merged into the main branch, so it will come with future kernels (starting from 2.6.24).


01-07-2008 15:07:49

This not happens with the last cvs version (cvs-2008063016) D