Weird Disconetting thing...

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23-10-2007 20:31:32

Hey, I use the Belkin F5D7050, rt2570 driver from you guys. First of all, thank you so much for managing to make this stupid and worthless hardware function on linux free of charge, hail to all you legendary developers.

On a small note, for some weird reason, my belking seems at some stage to almost overheat (the stick gets very hot) and then disconnect from my wireless network (not allowing me to reconnect or scan in any form till i restart), and it stops downloads midway (especially on p2p), is there any known problem or fix?



24-10-2007 20:49:11

Does the same problem occur on other operating system (e.g Windows)? I would perfectly understand if you're not using anything but Linux though ;)
Which version of the driver are you using? Have you tried the latest CVS tarball?
A completely new driver is being rewritten (rt2x00), which will solve all weirdness with the legacy drivers.



25-10-2007 10:29:47

Im a linux only man myself!
ever since that rip-off windows millenium (another one of microsoft's expensive and lowsy Operating system;s), i've gone for a faster, better and much cheaper option of linux, its a statement aswell as a practical decision,lol.
I dont believe it happens on windows, although Belkin is known for pretty bad stuff. When i had windows it never happened, so i doubt it.
It may not be latest of the latest, but its pretty damn close, its what, maybe a month or so old? is the diffrence realy significant?
When will the re-written (i.e. practically prefect driver) be avaliable?


27-10-2007 21:58:00

No there is no significant change since last month, but a small change could be enough! It cannot hurt to try anyway.
rt2x00 has been merged into the kernel, and will be available when version 2.6.24 will be released.