How to install on PCBSD

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18-11-2007 20:00:10

I need to know how to install this "driver" into PCDSB. It there a step by step procedure.

1. Document the following information about your setup
* how can I see this? (including the date if it's a CVS build)
* Packard Bell, 1.6, 256Mb, 20Gb
* PCBSD 1.4.1
* khow can I see this?
* Compiz 0.5.2
* CompizFusion 0.6.0



18-11-2007 21:46:55

As the article you point to mentions, PCDSB is part of the *BSD family.
As mentioned on this website we create the drivers for Linux.

You best go to the forums for PCDSB or FreeBSD (since PCDSB seems to be a direct deriative from FreeBSD) and request support there. Off course going to the website for the BSD ralink drivers and ask support there, might also be considered a good step.