Installation just not work?

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02-12-2007 15:02:57

I've downloaded just Ubuntu 7.10. It's very hard to switch the OS, because I'm a Windows User since I'm 6 years Old and I must say, that I'm kind of noobish in Bash (hey i can switch the folders by cd and can make a dir).

I've Downloaded rt2570-cvs-daily.tar.gz opened the Readme file and read it.

I read what I have to do "b. $make #compile driver source code"
"c. $make install # installs kernel module driver"

Okay, i opened the Terminal and wrote "$make" pressed enter to execute the command.
Nothing happens.

I thought kind of okay, ubuntu likes it more quiet, without givin feetback. So I wrote "$make install".
This was the Output
[quote2tq6qyd4]k1k0@kiko-desktop~/Desktop/rt2578-cvs-2007120207/Modules$ $make install
install Fehlendes Dateioperand (in english kind of "missing dataoperator")
"install --help" gibt weitere informationen (in english "gives you more informations")

I know, that one half of the Boardusers will roll over the floor with a loud laughing and the other half will say "oh my god, just another who isn't able to use the search.php". But i Hope there will be one who can help me.


02-12-2007 15:16:54

Please delete this thread...

I am now 2 hours at testing... I just had a # too much ...