can't find the new driver in "neat"

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27-02-2008 21:03:33


I was tring to install the rt2570 in my fedora7 installation, I was following the howto for fedora 4 and everything went fine with the installation.
when I tried to go to the configuration and opened the neat - network administration tool - I tried to add a wireless device but could not find the new driver in the list.
I am new to linux so I don't know if there is another way I should try...

any idea?



02-03-2008 16:47:42

Which driver did you install exactly? Can you post a link to that howto?



02-03-2008 22:08:06


first I installed the rt2570usb, I followed this howto

then I couldn't find the device in neat so I tried to install RutilT, which didn't find the device.
So I tried to install the rt73, and then RutilT found the device, but now I can't connect because something is blocking me I think, the RutilT finds my wireless network but eventually reports that it can not connect. something with wlan0.

thanks alot


03-03-2008 09:46:30

It appears that your device must use the rt73 driver.
The name of the device for the rt73 driver is wlan0.
So, you will have to replace rausb0 by wlan0 everywhere.

Please, when you need help, give the name of the card/dongle you are using, the name of the driver used, the kernel version, the name and release of your distribution (No Feisty, Gutsy or other little name. What do you think about Ophrys or Serapia, by the way ?).
In your case, I can only guess you are using an ASUS WL-167G V2, because this name appears on the howto and the V2 version uses the rt73 driver.