rt2570 & openSUSE 10.3

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04-03-2008 20:23:46

Hi, i recently updated my system from opensuse 10.2 to 10.3. Obviously at boot up i noticed my rt2570 driver has vanished and the damn driver that i hate rt73 that always tries to control my device has taken its place.

In the network manager i can change the driver from rt73 to rt2500usb but i have had no luck. The system shows it has these to from the rt2x00 project installed. Also i have tried to re-install the rt2570 driver but according to bash in 10.3 make and make install dont exist.

I dont know whether this driver works in 10.3, does it?. If it does how the hell do i install it. I have a Belkin F5D7050 Ver 1000 USB Adapter. If you require any other information please ask. Also dont ask for lsusb because that doesnt exist in 10.3 either.

I ran lsmod and rt73 and rt2500usb are listed.

Can anyone please help me get my wireless working again.

Liam (


09-03-2008 16:39:56

You probably have a device which ID is used for both rt73 and rt2570 devices, manufacturer glitch here.
In any case, always make sure you always have only rt2570 loaded.

The first step would be to blacklist rt73 and rt73usb, so then don't get inserted, rt2570usb may just work after that.
If it doesn't, then blacklist it too, and reports the exact errors you get when trying to compile rt2570.

Note that "rt2570" and "rt2570usb" are different drivers and only one must be used at a time, ditto for "rt73" and "rt73usb".



09-03-2008 20:38:09

Hi, Spy84464 thanks for your reply. Since no one replied to the post for a few days i managed to fix this problem.

I installed make, gcc etc so i can build/compile things. I had to download these from my community repositry as these are not installed with live cd versions.

You have also replied to my other post about the make error with the rt2570 driver.

This is where i ran into that problem (in my other post) i will try the cvs verision now. Also to erase any firther conflicts i can uninstall rt73 and rt2500usb.

Thanks for your help