Problems with no_init_MUTEX_LOCKED_for_RT_semaphores

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05-03-2008 16:03:14

I have a PXA270CE(Intel, arm) and I have a SO in it a OSELAS.BSP-Phytec-phyCORE-PXA270-4 it is a kernel linux with rt-preempt. When I compile the driver rt2570 it compile, but I obtain this

>>WARNING "there_is_no_init_MUTEX_LOCKED_for_RT_semaphores"

and when I load the driver in the platform it fail, and I make a dmesg in the platform and it said
>>rt2570 Unknown symbol there_is_no_init_MUTEX_LOCKED_for_RT_semaphores

How can I switch from semaphores to mutexes? or, it not use init_MUTEX_LOCKED, because is this not supported in PREEMPT_RT?

Thanks in advanced.

Best regards.