RT2571 driver question

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26-03-2008 14:01:58

Hi All, I don't know if i'm at the right place here (Linux) but I have a question.

I have here a NEC wireless USB adapter with the Ralink rt2571wf in it. Now there are no drivers from NEC for this stick (because use with projector), but I have the Ralink drivers. Now NEC is not mentioned in the .inf file but plenty other vendors are. Can I somehow alter the data in the .inf file so that windows reqonize the stick. Is the only thing I have to do is changing the Hardware ID's of the stick in the inf file?

Anybody having experience with this?

thanks in advance


26-03-2008 15:38:26

If the windows driver does not list the USB ID then perhaps you have the wrong driver. Are you sure you need rt2570 and not rt73...

And it would be odd that NEC ships devices without providing Windows drivers....


27-03-2008 13:35:47

Hi Ivo,

No, normaly this stick is mounted to the projector and no drivers are needed, but the chip inside used is the rt2571 ( is this also named as RT73?) So you can say that you can use the regular RT drivers somehow by changing some parameters in the inf file like changing the Hardware ID's or so. I think it is a challenge to do this, that's why my question.


27-03-2008 15:25:51

rt2571 _could_ in some cases be rt73 and in other cases it is rt2570
It is all part of the "confuse the user as much as possible with chipset labeling" ;)

So I think it is unlikely that the USB ID is not listed in the inf file, so the question is more if you have the right inf file (which all turns back into the question have you checked if the USB ID is listed in the rt73 driver).