ASUS wl-167g's problem on arm

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14-04-2008 07:08:24

the idvendor=0x0b05, idProduct =0x1706, according to the instruction, it's rt2570, and it works well on PC whose OS is linux 2.4.20.

But when I port it on the ARM plantform, there is some problem. After the commond "ifconfig rausb0 up", it doesn't work right, and display this message circularly

"RTUSB <7>PeerBeaconAndProbeRspSanity - missing field, Sanity=0x00
RTUSB <7> sanity check fail peerBEACON "

What does this massage mean?


18-04-2008 15:49:29

Hi rqrq,

Please gzip a copy of /var/log/debug and attach it to a posting here.