linux-beginner needs your help (ubuntu 7.10 dwl-g122)

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18-04-2008 15:33:42

Hey folks.

First a big thank you that you have started such a project.
I'm sorry for my bad english. I'm 14 Years old and a german pupil wink

I use Ubuntu 7.10 and own a DLink DWL-G122 Wireless-Lan-Usbstick.

I'm not very good at terminal-working and compiling so i need your help,please!

how can i install the driver,and which driver do i need,cvs or beta?

please explain the explanation in an easy way wink



18-04-2008 15:51:37

Hi iceglow,

You'll probably be better off using one of the hourly tarballs. Download that, read the README and TESTING files, and see how you do.

Good luck,