SHORT REINSTALL INSTRUCTIONS for the rt2570usb driver...

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26-05-2008 19:28:11

[b1tv6ifqw]SHORT REINSTALL INSTRUCTIONS for the rt2570usb driver[/b1tv6ifqw]
NOTES In Ubuntu, if you update the kernel (which happens doing updates) you will have to reinstall the driver.
This works for at least Ubuntu and Ubuntu 64-bit 8.04...

1.) Download to desktop [url1tv6ifqw][/url1tv6ifqw]
--> If you did not do this before updating the kernel you still might be fine.
--> Use the latest driver you have.
2.) Extract the driver (right click on its icon on your desktop and select "Extract Here.")
3.) cd ~/Desktop/rt2570-cvs-2008052612[/color1tv6ifqw]/Module #(must = Folder Name)[/color1tv6ifqw]
4.) make
5.) sudo make install
6.) sudo modprobe rt2570
7.) sudo ifconfig rausb0 up
8.) Bring up the program RutilT and connect as needed...
9.) You should be Connected!

[b1tv6ifqw]NOTICE[/b1tv6ifqw] You should keep these instructions on hand on your computer, as you will not be able to connect to get them...