After install, rausb0 device no where to be found

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01-06-2008 04:45:21

I have a DWL-G122 rev B1 USB wireless device. This device has worked with ndiswrapper in the past, but after upgrading my Linux kernel ndiswrapper doesn't seem to work anymore. So I did some searching and discovered this great project. I've successfully built and installed the rt2570 kernel module, but somehow the wireless network device is screwed up and I don't know why. I've spent most of my Saturday trying to get this to work.

Anyway here's my setup

- Debian sid
- Linux kernel 2.6.25-2-amd64
- DWL-G122 rev B1 USB wireless device

Here's what I did

1) Grabbed the latest rt2570-source Debian package
2) Had to modify rtusb_main.c to get it to compile because kernel versions 2.6.24 and greater produced errors
3) # module-assistant auto-install rt2750 (prepares, builds, and installs the rt2570 kernel module)
4) Verified with lsmod that rt2570 was active

There's no activity LEDs lit up on my wireless device. I discovered that when the rt2570 module is loaded I have a new "eth1" device, but something seems fishy about it

# ifconfig -a
eth0 .................. (omitted)

eth1 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr 00:00:00:00:00:00
.................. (omitted)

lo .................. (omitted)

# iwconfig
lo no wireless extensions

eth0 no wireless extensions

eth1 RT2500USB WLAN
Link Quality:0 Signal level:136 Noise level:113
Rx invalid nwid:0 invalid crypt:0 invalid misc:0

# ifconfig eth1 up
SIOCSIFFLAGS: Cannot assign requested address

# ifconfig rausb0 up
rausb0: ERROR while getting interface flags: No such device

My /etc/network/interfaces file has an entry for eth1 that I'm pretty sure was auto-generated.

So basically, I have a wireless device named "eth1", even though I thought this driver was supposed to name that device "rausb0". Further the eth1 device doesn't work at all. Its present, but non-functional. Notice in the ifconfig that the HWaddr of that network device is all zeros? Seems awfully fishy to me....

Finally some facts to eliminate probable causes of my problem
1) The USB wireless device continues to function properly both in Windows and in an older Linux kernel on the same system using ndiswrapper
2) My wireless router is setup correctly (for WEP). I'm posting this from my Ubuntu laptop that is wirelessly connected to this network
3) My ndiswrapper solution was properly setup and installed with this kernel, but it does not create any new network devices when I load this kernel module
4) I mistakenly installed the rt2500 driver earlier today. That driver actually got my USB device to connect to the router successfully, but I could not connect to the internet with it. After reading around I discovered that I should have installed the rt2570 for my wireless device, so I uninstalled the partially-functioning rt2500

Any help you can give me would be awesome. I've read through dozens of pages and tried everything I can possibly think of and haven't gotten close to solving this problem. Thanks in advance, and also thank you for putting together and maintaining this driver in the first place. )


01-06-2008 22:16:01

I just installed rutilt from the Debian package hoping it might help me, but it won't even run. It just brings up a dialog that says'

"An error occured Can't get prism headers mode. Code 22"

Not sure if this is related to the issue I'm having or not.


05-06-2008 01:06:43

Hi Roots,

The compile errors on the rt2570 driver you got from your distro show its a little out of date. You might try downloading the latest CVS tarball from here and building that.