Can connet from other pc of the network only after ping

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13-08-2008 15:32:18

I have Ubuntu 8.04.1 with official ubuntu kernel 2.6.24-19, and latest cvs version of rt2570usb driver (new driver don't work with my usb dongle). I have an Asus wl-167g usb dongle and use wpa encription.

Until kernel 2.6.23 my adapter didn't take any problem, but with official latest Ubuntu kernel it manifest a problem; after that I've configured connection with WPA, SSID and dhcp the connection apparently function apparently in fact I can connect with my wireless router and exit on internet, but if I try to contact linux pc with other pc in my local network they cannot see it. After linux pc made a ping to other pc, this can connect with it. (with old kernel this problem doesn't exist).

Someone have the same problem?


13-08-2008 18:16:58

That does not sound like a driver issue, could the problem come from the tool you're using to "connect" to another computer?



14-08-2008 14:54:25

Maybe I didn't explain problem clear.
PC A is linux pc with asus rt2570 wl-167g adapter
PC B is a windows PC with Netgear adapter.

If I try co connect from B to A with SSH or try a ping PC B doesn't see PC A (PC A is fully functional).
After a ping from A to B, B can connect with A, the same thing appear with other pc that I have connected in my intranet.

I use IP address directly to exclude dns problem.
IPTable is disabled.


18-08-2008 21:33:30

Ok, I understand, I don't really know what to suggest though (
After you upgraded your kernel, did you use the same version of the rt2570 driver, or did you download a newer version?