Fedora 9 fix Breaks Opensuse 11.0

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19-08-2008 19:44:35

Just to let whoever know that the fix supplied by this post


actually breaks the build for Opensuse 11.0, its easy enough to get round, just manually change the IF statement back to what it was on the downloaded code.

Sorry cant really be any more help than that, as i'm more a windows developer than Linux, but give me a shout if you want something testing, I've got a VM ready and willing.



20-08-2008 16:12:57

Hi jpspringall,

(sigh) Could you supply
[list2yi8ijwf]1. a copy of the compiler errors attached to a posting
2. the content of include/linux/version.h in your kernel source tree
3. the first five lines of the kernel source Makefile
4. the output of "uname -a"[/listu2yi8ijwf]



21-08-2008 00:26:44

Yep sure will do tomorrow, as i will need to boot a VM as i have fixed my laptop

Point 1, i understand.

Point 2, i'm presuming is just the contents of the file /include/linux/version.h

Point 3, the first first 5 lines of the file /usr/src/linux/Makefile

Point 4, not a problem.

OH and forgot to mention running KDE 4