rt2570 not working in ubuntu intrepid

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23-11-2008 16:13:13


I have a D-Link DWL G122 that was perfectly working on ubuntu 8.04 (with suspend/hibenate/resume thanks to Vern) but after upgrading to ubuntu 8.10 (that can drive the card, but not with suspend/hibernate/resume) I'm no longer able to connect to my wireless network.Compilation and installation went fine but network manager will not detect any signal. I attached syslog with the trace of connection with both rt2570 driver (rausb0) and ubuntu 8.10 rt2500usb stock driver (wlan0), but ask me any additional information you may need to help troubleshooting this problem.

Thank you.


23-11-2008 17:47:20

Hi aatoma,

I did this on your log file[code1quxscwh]zegrep 'NetworkManager.*rausb|rt2570:' s*egrep 'Nov 15 21:34'[/code1quxscwh]which pretty much seems to cover what's relevant. Basically, Network Manager complains about SSID, then there's something about state change and supplicant interface.

Since I'm clueless about Network Manager, that's about all I'm good for for now,