Nintendo DS and rt2570

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22-01-2006 22:16:21

Hello All,

I have been playing around with your driver (good work - open source is great), getting it to talk to a nintendo DS and was wondering if any developers could help me with the following.

The nintendo DS acts as and AP and uses CF-Poll frames to elicit a response from a client and it expects this response within a window of about 500 microseconds.
In my experiments I can get it to send out a frame in response, repeatedly and stablely, by putting a call to RTUSBWriteTxDescriptor into the receive function RTUSBRxPacket. But, according to frame captures, these responses are not transmitted until about 500 or more microseconds after the correspond CF-Poll frame and therefore outside the window (if a DS is a client it sends its response about 200 usec after the CF-Poll frame).
I was wondering if there is a way to reduce the latency on the receive or transmit side to get the packet turn around time down.
I have change already changed RTUSBBulkRxComplete to call RTUSBRxPacket directly which seemed to help.

A bit off topic but any help would be much appreciated.



26-01-2006 00:50:40

I believe someone has already done alot of work with the rt2500 driver in getting it to talk to the DS .... might be easier for you use a rt2500 device ?


31-12-2007 15:34:20


N00b here !! be gentle..

I wondered if there were any level of support for using the RT2570 chipset devices for use with the what seems to be growing use of the Nintendo Homebrew station ?

I've a little success using the drivers here with the wmbhost program, at least the NDS seems to connect but after short while its reports that the client has timed out. Having done some reading etc, it seems timing is crucial and everything.

I found another set of drivers, which compile fine and seem to load but at the point of putting the device online (ifconfig ninusb0 up) the whole machine goes on a go slow ( and the shell hangs.

A little more info is here http//

Seems it might be a good opotunity for two good teams to put their heads together ?


Perhaps this might be a little off topic and for that I appologise.


01-01-2008 13:17:48

I haven't heard anything about that. There's a reference to a "hacked rt2570" on the main page of the site you linked, have you tried/found it?



04-01-2008 11:49:34

The [i2cn0a88k]hacked driver[/i2cn0a88k] referred to is a version of the rt2570 v1.1.0-b2 driver that I made (see here[/url2cn0a88k] for more info) back in 2006.
The hack forces the rt2570 chipset to use short preamble as this is required for talking to the Nintendo DS when sending game demos to the DS using, what is know as, DS Download Play.
At the time (and still today?) the preamble the driver uses was not configurable (using iwpriv or similar).


04-01-2008 12:47:57

It's possible to force short or long preamble with all legacy drivers, except rt2570 (. v1.1.0-b2 is quite old, perhaps you can hack a recent cvs version and see how things are going?