git tree broken?

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25-05-2007 08:21:04

cg clone http// starts out well, but fails shortly afterwards with

Getting index for pack 28f97865fe4ca92293900a7a700bce7073a34a9a
error Unable to find cbb36dbe1042bd89e9d7b042222240f1210a8440 under http//
Cannot obtain needed object cbb36dbe1042bd89e9d7b042222240f1210a8440
progress 0 objects, 10715136 bytes
cg-<censored by security> objects <censored by security> failed

Is this known, or do I do something wrong?

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25-05-2007 15:21:29

No you are not doing something wrong, I had pushed some changes towards the server and that seems to have managed to mess up the server branches quite a bit.
It is being looked into, and hopefully it will be resolved soon.


25-05-2007 16:04:39

Ok, thanks.



26-05-2007 17:12:05

Now getting

error Unable to find 6761d8194448d0d607cc0bc424aec387539ae072 under http//

Earlier today both cg-update and cg-clone were failing with a not found error including the number the OP mentioned, but this has changed to 6761, etc.

<sigh> Still b0rked.


26-05-2007 19:13:50

Btw., I have earlier tried the git tree, but been unable to test it, as the machine would hang showing the nvidia logo, when attempting to start X.

Does anyone have any experience with nvidia and the git tree as of recently?

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27-05-2007 10:37:28

Fjodor, suggest you post to a different thread about this as most people won't look here unless they're having problems with GIT.


29-05-2007 19:16:22

Just done a successful cg-clone (and cg-update later in the day). Thanks for sorting it out! -)


29-05-2007 21:35:41

The issue is not yet resolved completely,
I have managed to get a clone from wireless-dev inside rt2x00.git, but committing rt2x00 patches is not possible yet.


30-05-2007 11:36:49

Since rt2x00.git can now only be cloned, and no new patches can be submitted I'll post the patch that can be applied to rt2x00.git to get the latest version here.


31-05-2007 18:06:19

rt2x00.git can be cloned again, without the need for additional patches.

rt2x00.git is still not yet fully recovered, so some downtime can be expected until git is fully back online again.


03-06-2007 17:23:17

And I get
Recovering from a previously interrupted fetch...
Fetching head...
Fetching objects...
Getting alternates list for http//
Getting pack list for http//
error Unable to find 3543ccbbf7eaced0814e084a4dc2909671aeb50c under http//
Cannot obtain needed none 3543ccbbf7eaced0814e084a4dc2909671aeb50c
while processing commit 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000.

Might this be because I applied the patch? Doesn't cg-restore undo any changes?


03-06-2007 19:39:20

My advice is, delete the entire tree and start all over again from scratch.

I got my tree working this way )


04-06-2007 07:00:23

That's what I did in the end. It doesn't crash when I do an iwlist wlan0 scan, now, but it doesn't work either. More reading and experimentation required...


04-06-2007 07:03:46

Good to know GIT is no longer causing any problems.

If you haven't done already, please post the details of your unsuccessful experiments in the appropriate forum/thread.


22-10-2007 07:03:10

i am getting...........
[root@localhost ~]# cg clone git// ... t2x00.git/
Initialized empty Git repository in .git/
Fetching pack (head and objects)...
fatal unable to connect a socket (Connection timed out)
cg-fetch fetching pack failed
[root@localhost ~]

Any suggestion??


22-10-2007 07:56:59

read my previous post on this thread, dated "Sun Jun 03, 2007 739 pm"