Hostapd and RT2x00 again...

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27-09-2007 14:53:51


I'm trying to make my rt61 pci card to work in master mode.

So, (if I understand well) I need the RT2x00 driver from kernet git repository and hostapd 0.6

No problem for compiling my 2.6.23-rc4 rt2x00 kernel.

Hostapd compiles well except the deviscape part and if I'm not wrong is the one that I need...

I tried to get the hostapd 0.6 from different git version and from different snapshots... I tried some .config and sources modifications from advices in posts of this forum, I tried my own modificatyions too...

But compilation always fails (mostly declarations problem with no or double declarations)

So my question is is someone can compiled hostapd with devicescape enabled ? With wich kernel version, with which hpstapd version, with wich .config and eventually with wich patches ?

Thanks in advance for your response.


27-09-2007 20:12:50

I've compiled it but not yet tested it.


I also grabbed the latest git version of libnl and installed that in /usr/local. I didn't change the lib / include paths to point to it but as it was the only version of libnl on the system I suspect it got found anyway.


28-09-2007 08:12:37

OK thanks for your help but wich kernel version and hostapd version did you use ?

I redownloaded latest git rt2x00 kernel, lastest git hostapd et latest git libnl but no success...

First of all the compilation didn't finf the "linux/nl80211.h" file, so I have modified the #include to specify the full path of this file (to avoid to include other files in this directory that would make double declarations).

Now it complains that "struct prism2_hostapd_param" is not defined.

I found on the internet that this struct is normaly defined in

but it is not the case for me...


12-10-2007 09:07:41

I'm still trying to compile hoastapd with the rt2x00 git kernel tree (without success).

A thing that looks strange to me is there is some changes on mac80211 on rt2x00 tree from wireless-2.6 tree.

For me, the rt2x00 driver is based on the mac80211 stack from wireless-2.6 tree, so doesn't have to change it !

For example why the hosapd_ioctl.h file is removed on rt2x00 kernel tree ?

I assume that these changes are coherent but prevent me from compiling hostapd with it.


12-10-2007 17:09:51

The current version of rt2x00 git includes a version of mac80211 that doesn't support master mode. Significant hackery is currently required to get master mode working.


15-10-2007 07:43:52

Yes, I tried to modified the source code by enabling again the master mode in mac80211 iotcl hoping that the master mode was just disabled and the code behind still exists...

The result was I "succeed" to enter in master mode more exactly I succeed to display in iwconfig output master mode but no more...

Things would had been to easy...